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100% made in Germany

Manual Milling Machines from FPS

Made in Germany. Hardly another brand is a better synonym for quality, technical expertise, and durability. German workmanship is internationally sought after – particularly if it comes to precision. This also applies to the field of machine tools.

A company that has also committed to this attribute is FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, located in the German community of Warngau (Upper Bavaria). But other than with many other machine manufacturers, this does not only indicate the place where the final assembly is carried out. "For us, 100% made in Germany is not an empty promise," says General Manager Robert Schmid. "Each part of our machines is manufactured in Germany, from the bolt up to the ball screw spindle. Quality is our highest priority."
A fact that is highly appreciated in the industry. By now, large corporations such as Siemens, Bosch, BMW, and MAN have been part of the ever increasing customer base of the medium-sized company.

From the bankruptcy of the Friedrich DECKEL AG Munich, FPS started out in 1994. At that time, many skilled employees were searching for new professional challenges – as was the case with the former employees Robert Schmid, Armin Szeike as well as with another nine colleagues. In an old Bavarian farm and based on their concentrated specialist knowledge, they quickly decided to found a new company.

"At first, we focused on service operations and spare parts for DECKEL and DMG machines," remembers Armin Szeike, one of the FPS General Managers. "However, with the increasing demand for refurbished DECKEL machines, our service range has significantly extended from 1997 on. Since that time, we have brought used machines into a condition that is considered to be as good as new, which takes between six and eight weeks for each machine. Until now, the flow of incoming orders has not stopped."

No wonder that the old farm quickly burst at all seams. In 2003, we moved to the new 3,500sqm large company headquarters in Warngau, located in the County of Miesbach, which were extended by additional 3,000sqm in 2008. Additionally, a 3,500sqm large service centre was established in Holzmaden near Stuttgart.

Nevertheless, it is already becoming a tight squeeze on the FPS premises. "Because of numerous requests received from several large companies, we again opened up a new business segment in 2008," Mr. Schmid explained. "High-quality manual new machines. Strictly speaking, this business segment is a logical and consistent further stage in the development of FPS. Because we can fully bring in and further extend our long-term experience in the field of manual milling machines."

Above all, the FPS 300M and FPS 500M machines are particularly featured by their compact and clear design. Its heart is a highly precise gearbox that ensures that the full torque will always be available at the cutting edge. The rigid (inherently stiff) design of the machine provides highest precision in all working areas. Additionally, the machines include an easy-to-operate active digital display that allows incremental chain dimension and absolute length positioning to be used.  Optionally, the FPS 500M may be fitted with a hydraulic clamping system.

And also in 2012, the Warngau people were not idle. On the AMB Trade Show, FPS presented a new member of their machine range, the FPS 500M NC unit. Fitted with ball screws spindles and the Heidenhain TNC 124 straight cut control system, it completes the manual milling machine series. As applies to its twin models, it is of course 100% made in Germany.

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werkzeug&formenbau (November 2010)

Technical article on using the Sinumerik 840D sl control system in FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH.

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