Overhaul of Universal Milling and Drilling Machines

No more power, knackered? No longer sufficiently fast or accurate? No problem at all! Because the FPS overhaul professionals will rejuvenate your machinery from scratch and boost your manufacturing operations again.

By overhauling, repairing and/or replacing worn or outdated parts as well as by retrofitting or upgrading accessories and control technology, your Deckel and DMG milling machines that have got a bit long in the tooth will turn into machines that are virtually as good as new – including detailed documentation and warranty.

A safe investment of constant value. You will be well-prepared for decades. For sure.

Overhauled Milling Machines

Whether complete refurbishment, geometry overhaul or partial overhaul of your machine: Our highly skilled technicians in the Warngau and Holzmaden overhaul factories will overhaul your DMG and Deckel milling machines exactly according to your specifications – professionally, in due time, and at fair conditions.

We solely use original parts or top-quality spare parts manufactured by us.

Types of Machine Overhaul

Depending on the condition of the used machine, we offer 3 overhaul categories. Depending on the current condition of the machine and the budget planned, 3 options are available, with no strict separation between them:

Refurbished = as good as new

DECKEL milling machines are known to be robust work horses. But after years or decades of heavy-duty use, even these machines may show signs of fatigue. Such machines will be completely rebuilt from scratch and then shine like new not only from their outer appearance.

The image shows an FP1 unit in FPS special finish refurbished by us. For all who want to know the details, the work records are given here. Scope of overhaul activities – refurbishment of a Deckel FP1 or FP2 /FP3 / FP4 unit.

Before being overhauled, the machine is run on site and tested for operation, visually inspected, geometries are measured, and it is tested for noise. The machine is disassembled into its parts and most thoroughly cleaned.
Basic assemblies are tested for reusability.


Vertical milling head – spindle block (horizontal slide).
Machine column – support – X-axis working slide.

Main column:

Accurately grind or scour to size and pattern column guides for support including fixed side and exposed surfaces. 
Grind or scour horizontal guide for spindle block (Y axis).

Support (height slide):

Accurately scour support on column to size. Renew tapered strip.
Accurately scour X slide guide to size.
Replace Z-axis support filler pieces by coated ones / grind and adjust.

Table slide (vertical worktable):

Adjust X slide to support.
Replace X-axis filler pieces by coated ones / grind and adjust.
Renew X tapered strip.
Completely install X slide with new X spindle and end plates.
Completely renew X support.

Spindle block (Y axis):

Accurately scour spindle block on main column to size.
Renew Y tapered strip. Accurately scour milling head arm support flat guide to size.

Transport spindles:

Renew all transport spindles (X-Y-Z axes).

Horizontal milling spindle:

Renew and accurately grind into seating spindle including spindle sleeve, renew spindle bearings. Renew extend drive / mechanics including supports.

Vertical milling head arm:

Grind and/or accurately scour to size milling head arm to spindle block.
Completely renew roller gear including counter drive gears.

Vertical milling head and horizontal milling spindle:

Renew bevel gear drive including spur gearing.
Renew and accurately grind into seating spindle including spindle sleeve, renew spindle bearings.
Renew extend drive / mechanics including supports.

Fixed table:

Restore original condition of the exposed surface by planing or grinding.
Accurately grind to size support contact surface with regard to machine geometry.


Check lubrication system for proper operation and replace functional parts by current versions.



Completely disassemble and clean the machine.
Painted in RAL 6011 Green or special request paint on surcharge.

Main gearbox / speed gearbox / feed gearbox:

Completely disassemble and replace any bearings for gearbox shafts / gears by new parts.

Electrical system:

Check entire electrical system for proper operation.
Replace winding and bearings of drive motor armature or replace by a new motor if applicable.
Check entire electrical system and replace wear parts (cables, cable carrier, protective hoses etc).


Will be offered separately upon request.

Digital display:

Installation of a complete refurbished Heidenhain digital display including active Heidenhain counter of the following types: TNC-111 or 113 equivalent and completely brand-new active FPS counter.

Existing rulers are replaced by refurbished or new rulers.


For installing the digital display, solely Deckel original attachment parts (counter arm / brackets etc.) are used. (No do-it-yourself kit.)


Renewal of all guide wipers / bellows / drive belts / water pumps / chains / small parts such as pointers / clamping levers / bolts / component parts etc. as well as of various wear parts is included in our overhaul standard procedure and therefore not mentioned in detail!

Final acceptance:

The machine is measured and accepted according to the manufacturer's original acceptance records. If requested, you may carry out acceptance at our place. We use only original spare parts.

Partially overhauled = Very Good

Of course, partially overhauling is an option only for machines the wear of which is in narrow tolerances. Such machines are found rather rarely. Of course, we check all parts as we do during refurbishment, but replace them only when necessary. Since we offer fixed prices for overhauling, partial overhaul is an option only for machines which have proven to be in good condition in the opinion of our experienced employees after inspection, functional testing, and measuring the geometries.

Overhauled = Checked

Of course, the final condition of the reworked machine also strongly depends on the condition before overhaul. Since each machine will be shipped only after having checked it based on the DECKEL standards, you may be assured that such machine will then be working without problems, because we have replaced all faulty or damaged parts. For this type of overhaul, we don’t do any visual corrections for financial reasons.


Any more questions? We are here to help you.

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