Control System Retrofitting on Site

Siemens and Heidenhain control systems for DECKEL and DMG

Classic Deckel universal or CNC milling machines are particularly versatile, robust, and space-saving. So what could be more obvious than converting these proven evergreens into modern multi-purpose machines that are operated more easily and safely. By means of the latest generation control technology from high-tech brands such as Heidenhain and Siemens. With these systems, the machines are one further step ahead of many new machines.

Fast and Cost-efficient

Our experienced control professionals will be pleased to upgrade or retrofit a system. Whether it is a used machine from FPS that is as good as new or a machine in your shop floor – we will bring any machine to the latest technological level. Reliably, cost-efficiently, and in a pleasingly short period of time. And also at your place.
Used Milling Machine + New Control Technology = Much Output in spite of Few Input

A used DECKEL milling machine fitted with up-to-date control technology is an excellent alternative to a new machine. A manageable investment providing best price performance ratio. An affordable guarantor of success which you may flexibly and efficiently use to produce quality for many years.

Compatibility Ensured

Those who want to combine a mechanical system that is flawlessly operating but has got a bit long in the tooth with highly advanced control technology must be genuine professionals like FPS. We have the expertise and experience that are necessary to perfectly match the control system with the particular machine. You will be sure that everything fits and properly runs from the beginning.

Heidenhain and Siemens Control Technology

Today, powerful control technology is an absolute must for most applications. In addition to changes in traversing behaviour and machining accuracy, there are significant benefits with regard to operating the machine. Because the control systems we use are up to the current standard that is taught in education or training as well.